Punjabi cinema is growing with each passing day and achieving new heights therefore, people love to watch punjabi movies as their content and entertainment fetch their interest and grabbed them to watch punjabi movies. Earlier, barely a punjabi movie releases on Friday but now frequently we can witness two releases on same day and they have to fight close to achieve success. Similarly, on 6th September’19 two punjabi movies are releasing, one is ‘Saak’ and other is ‘Jaddi Sardar’. Let’s give a glimpse which one is more there in heads and hearts of people.

At first place, one watches a movie because of their Starcast and in Jaddi Sardar there is Sippy gill of Tiger, Gunday famed Dilpreet Dhillon, Sawan Rupowali whose first movie achieved National Award recently, Guggu Gill aka Jagga in various punjabi movies and Hobby Dhaliwal whereas in Saak there is Mandy Takhar who had done several movies like SardaarJi, Rabb Da Radio, Ardaas and her co-star is Jobanpreet Singh, who is a debutant only. Thus, this suggests that Jaddi Sardar is multi Starrer movie as celebrity ratio is more here with strong fan base of Guggu Gill, Sippy Gill and Dilpreet Dhillon.

But, released trailer of Saak has more views as compared to Jaddi Sardar. Since if we are discussing about trailer’s reaction it depends upon the views, likes and comments from the number of days of release of a trailer and number of subscribers of particular channel. Further when we witness all this, Jaddi Sardar was released 5 days back on Yellow Music whereas Saak was released 6 days back on White Hill Studios. Now, when we discuss further Jaddi Sardar has 17 Lakhs+ Views from 2 Lakhs 60 Thousand subscribers of Yellow Music whereas  Saak has 34 Lakhs+ views from massive 1 Crore+ subscribers of White Hill Studios. On this basis of views ratio to subscribers Jaddi Sardar has more views as compared to its number of subscribers whereas Saak has less views in comparison to its subscribers. Moreover, talking about likes and comments Jaddi Sardar has 36000+ Likes with 6200+ comments which shows people’s more excitement and curiosity comparison to ‘Saak’ which has 18000+ Likes with 550 comments only. All this statically concluded that Jaddi Sardar has occupied more space in people’s heart and head which leads to its more hype. 

Furthermore, all these reactions are there may be because of the content of movie as Jaddi Sardar is a family drama with actions and romance which displays the ups and downs of families with their blood relations as it is common to witness family disputes in Punjab whereas Saak is a love story which is very frequent in punjabi cinema as recently Muklawa, Mindo Taseeldarni, Laatu, Parahuna and more movies with similar love story concept were served but good part is that Saak has unique presentation which make it different from others. 

This is all about both the movies and yet there is still two weeks left as this all calculations is about one week. Now what we have to observe is how much change we will observe further and which one movie will live upto the expectation of audience or both will. Now it’s your time to choose your movie.