Love is natural and exploring your life with the love of your life is more beautiful and delightful. One artist of our industry who herself is the beat of many has shared many pictures about the beat of her heart. She went to her social media handle and had shared pictures along with the love of her heart where either he or she mentioned that what other meant to them.

Yes! I am talking about Rubina Bajwa. She has shared pictures with him on her social media handle where she tagged him as her world, life and everything that clearly explains that what he meant to her. Even he has also shared pictures with her explaining that how much she meant to him.

Gurbaksh Chahal is the one who captured the heart of beautiful girlie of punjabi industry. He is a Founder, Chairman & CEO at Red Lotus.Also, he is an enterpreneur, author, investor, philanthropist, guest lecturer and fitness addict. He is an America based NRI who was born on July 17, 1982, in the state of Punjab in India, he moved to San Jose, California, with his family, when he was four. Chahal was a very ambitious youngster, and at the age of sixteen, he dropped out of high school to pursue his dream of having a career in the dot-com boom. By the time he was 25 years of age, Gurbaksh had established two fruitful and flourishing start-up businesses in the area of Internet advertising. Now he is a successful businessman who has achieved a lot of awards and rewards.

We hope they both have long way to go and live each bit of their life together.