Rang Punjab released opposite comedy drama Marriage palace but did Rang Punjab succeed to spread the colors has been everyone’s lookout. Rang Punjab is directed by Rakesh Mehta the story is written by Gurpreet Bhullar. Deep Sidhu and Reena Rai are seen in main leads. Where as kartaar Cheema played the negative shade. The other stars in movie are Jagjeet Sandhu, Hobby Dhaliwal and many other faces of Pollywood.

Now peeping into the story Gangster gang mistakenly shoots Deep Sidhu’s love after that his entire focus shifts on gangsters. He is into IPS training but hold on for a second, what we saw soon after his training he becomes incharge of SIT- Special Investigating Team to bring back colors of Punjab. Is it really possible that fresh IPS becomes incharge of any SIT? And moreover they could have firstly shown the faded colors of Punjab. Well anyhow how he bring back those faded colors back this is movie all about.

If we talk of Acting skills, then sorry emotions are not properly shown the main reason behind it is below average acting. Supporting characters did good job but both main leads were little weak. Whereas on the other hand Jagjeet Sandhu and Kartar Cheema did nice job. The only positive fact in the movie is its story as its fresh and not a part of league. This move will bring the trend of action movies.

In last fight scenes, we discover six-pack abs hero and six-pack abs villain fighting. The director tried showing all emotions in movie but Alas! He failed. Other than of Deep Sidhu director could have focused other aspects also. In first half we found Director wasting screen in portraying the over the head emotions and dialogues of Deep sidhu and in second half there was abrupt ending without emotions. Deep Sidhu after achieving such a big rank also kept on fighting for his personal revenge. The girl casted opposite Kartaar Cheema was either seen in arms of gangster or doing anchoring but there was no connection with movie, which was again disappointing. There were many such loose points were noted in story and direction. Technically speking Rakesh Mehta was reentering after “vapsi” but his re entry was not impressive. Away from trailer movie is totally opposite. Movie is very slow and the curiosity raised after seeing trailer is lead down. In Cinematography new treatment is tried but at certain points it was great but at few places it was loose. Music of film, quiet entertains. For different effort of Rang Punjab DAAH FILMS give it two stars.