Ramte Ramte‘ from Parahuna is a song about Dastane-e-ishq, a song that is set when lovers used to ride on horse carts, and do all the innocent mischiefs with each other, the kind of mischief that have ceased to exist in today’s time and the kind of love that develops from such acts. Is it not just so adorable to even look at?

Wamiqa Gabbi and Kulwinder Billa in their typical blue Punjabi suits take away our heart with them. Love is all we could feel while listening to this song. Even though it is a love song, it is fun because the bond between this parahuna and his Maano is so innocent and old, theirs is the love that used to exist at some time, theirs is the love which is child-like in its expression but mature to its core.

Produced under the label of Saga Music, Karamjit Anmol has sung this song, lyrics have been written by Deep Kandiara and music is by Mr. Wow.

Parahuna is releasing on September 28 and just like this song which is so beautiful and appealing, we hope the movie too will stand upto the expectations of the audience.