Rai Jujhar in trouble, gets warning to be assassinated


Famous Punjabi singer Rai Jujhar who is much known for his song ‘Jaan Jatt Di’ recently shared a shocking experience with his fans on social media. He claimed that while he was recording for his new song in his office, he got a call from a person who stagnantly accused Rai for singing vulgar songs and filming inappropriate videos. Meanwhile on the conversation, the person alleged him for not supporting the Punjabi Indian culture and producing offensive songs with unacceptable contents in a social view.

Moreover, the person warned the singer that he could be assassinated in the matter.

In the similar context, singer Rai Jujhar claimed that his songs are entirely for families. He always tries to portray Punjabi culture through his songs with emotional and intense fillings.

The matter can be connected to Pandit Rao Dharennavar who is quite annoyed over the Punjabi industry. Rao is an assistant professor in sociology at Government College, Chandigarh. In addition, known for translation from Punjabi to Kannad. Expressing his concern over the way Punjabi songs are making youth follow the west blindly, he is protesting against Punjabi songs and singers who provoke harsh contents and thoughts through their songs.