‘Rabb Da Radio 2’ finally hits the theatre screens on 29th March, 2019 and audience was expecting from it too much, lets talk about it in this movie review that how this sequel fulfilled the expectations. Vehli Janta Films & Omjee Group presented this movie is directed by SharanArt and in the leads there are Tarsem Singh Jassar and Simi Chahal. Along with them there are many artists of Pollywood like BN Sharma, Tania, Gurpreet Bhangu, Nirmal Rishi, Shavinder Mahal and many more. Some of them were seen in the first part of the movie also but some were new added in this sequel.

Talking about the story, it talks about the relations of Maternal side and mainly focus on Tarsem Jassar’s Nankey from whom he is apart because of some reasons but finally he met them again. After meeting them he saw some problems occuring over there and then the whole story revolves around that one problem which delivers great messages related to the importance of relations. Putting light on the acting of the artists, Tarsem Jassar & Simi Chahal have played their part well but there are some more characters in the movie which are presented really good and from them one is Tania who has won all the hearts with her simplicity and innocence and other is ‘Mistri’ character which is played by BN Sharma, he has done that tremendously which just touched the hearts by telling the feeling of ‘Mistri’ who built a wall in between the houses. All the other characters are also written and played well.

Positive aspect of this movie is that this sequel have maintained the simplicity of the first part of the movie for which it was loved and became a superhit blockbuster. This is the first punjabi movie sequel which started from that scene where the first one was ended. Background Music of the movie is amazing which has helped to depict the emotions of the movie beautifully. About the negative aspects of the movie we can say that there is only one highlighted point in which it felt like the continuity of scene is not proper as in one shot of the film there noticed a thing that on the face of a artist there is shown light color and on the other moment that color was brighter.

Technically this movie is above average and the hardwork done on Editing, Cinematography, Screenplay and Direction is shown nicely. Overall movie delivers great messages and also this we can say that this movie will force you to think once that how much relations are important in daily life.

DAAH Films is giving 3.5 Stars out of 5 to Rabb Da Radio 2.