What an ironical situation that now days people are fond of singers they do follow them but when they come up with devotional song suddenly priorities change.

Couple of days before we brought the same issues in front of you that why devotional tracks have to struggle for views? Do our young generation is so far from Spiritualism, faith and God? Is it showing us the mirror that parents blindly follows rat race to make their children sophisticated but forget to teach them morals?

Sad but very true! This time Prabh Gill came ahead with his truth. We told you that he recently came up with devotional track, which is still struggling for views. Gill is well known for his romantic songs and has good followers also, who love his singing. All his love songs touch millions but when it comes to devotional track the range of listeners falls short. This has not happened for the first time with one artist but whenever any such track comes people follow the same trend. This is the first time that any singer has raised this question from the audience. He not only pin pointed the comments but also asked that why do people blame bad content to singers when they are themselves supporting it.

The comments really support what Prabh highlighted. We also appreciate him for showing this audacity. Do listen to ‘Satnam Waheguru’, if you have not done it yet.