As we know punjabi’s are famous to leave their impact wherever they go and also they love to stand isolated from the crowd similarly this year punjabi model- singer-actress Shehnaaz Gill enter the Big Boss house in season 13 where she carried the essence of punjabi culture all together which brings her to highlights in the Big Boss house.

Pollywood industry comes forward to support her in one of the biggest venture of her life which may change her entire life. Many Celebrities shared post regarding the same namely Miss Pooja, Jassie Gill, Aarushi and many more. Aarushi who will be seen sooner in Daddy Cool Mundey Fool 2 has shared a story and mentioned that it is the best episode ever where Shehnaaz is seen with Sidharth. Also, Miss Pooja supported her and shared story about Shehnaaz Gill of Bigg Boss. Even when Jassie Gill visited the Bigg Boss house he shook his feet on Garry Sandhu’s Song ‘Holi Holi Gidhe Vich Nach Patlo’ which has featured Shehnaaz Gill in it. Also, she has entered the house with this song where she shook the feet with Salman on the stage. Further she got Nostalgic and said that she felt proud that Pollywood is reaching heights in Bollywood. All this clearly explains that how everyone is supporting the punjabi girl Shehnaaz Gill.

Moreover, Twitter is trending with a hashtag #RoarwithSana which has reached upto 1 Million. We hope best for our punjabi girl Shehnaaz Gill aka Sana to bring trophy to the home and add more fame to punjabi industry.