It’s trend nowadays that every hit song from good old days turn to modern remakes by different artists. Some remakes turn out to be a better one while other turn to disasters. Similarly, one more famous old song ‘Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha’ by Malkit Singh has now been remade in YOYO style and after listening to this, one question which comes in everyone’s mind is ‘What is this?’

Yes! people had so many expectations from that song and it turns out to be a tragedy. You must be wondering why? So let us tell you that, when name of ‘Honey Singh’ comes, what everyone expect is a song on which everyone can sync their lips but background music of this song is so high that at some places we cannot even listen to lyrics properly and we all know that Honey Singh could do a lot better in terms of rap. When Honey Singh has uploaded the teaser of this song then everyone expected that this song would be one of the best song of YO-YO because this song is already a legendary song which was originally sung by Malkit Singh and has been remade various times.

Furthermore, Malkit Singh is also in this remake and only best part of this song is a single line ‘Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha’ and another good thing about this song is Bhangra of Navpreet Banga, Malkit and YoYo as their bhngra was treat for viewers. Moreover, We have already seen Navpreet Banga dancing in her social media videos so it is nothing new for her and one more thing we would like to add is that, this song is on number 1 youtube trending since it’s release. In addition, people are expecting more from YO-YO and we hope that old Honey Singh could be back as soon as possible because we are missing him.