Nav Bajwa’s Raduaa can be the turning point of Pollywood?


Navv Bajwa’s latest movie ‘Raduaa’ is releasing this Friday. The most interesting thing about the movie that is making it a buzz in the industry is that it is going to be the very first sci-fi (Science fiction) movie from Pollywood.

Nav Bajwa, who is a well-known actor and model, is featured in more than 100 soundtracks. Moreover, the film has been directed by actor Navv Bajwa himself! He is appearing as a debutante director from this movie! That is the reason why his fans love him so much. He is not just an amazing actor but also, an ace multi talented persona!

The movie, Raduaa, is developed with a seed of powerful imaginations. The story is based on the 2 different eras, one is 2018 & another is 1955. Nav Bajwa, Satinder Satti, Gurpreet Ghuggi and BN Sharma plays the role of time travelers, who by mistake traveled back to the era of 1955 from 2018 with the help of time machine.

The movie seems to be another example of a risky experiment in Pollywood industry, where comedy and romantic movies are accepted warmly. Apart from being a science fiction, the movie will be full of humour and comedy with a tadka of Gurpreet Ghuggi & BN Sharma’s dialogue deliveries.

The movie is releasing this Friday. Meanwhile, watch DAAH Films’s latest interview with Nav Bajwa, where he shares how Raduaa is his dream project and close to the heart!