‘Nadhoo Khan’ is finally released in theatres and the mystery that who is ‘Nadhoo Khan’ is revealed. Today, we will talk about the same that how his imaginative story is presented on screens. Loud Roar Films & Music Tym Productions presented this movie is directed by Imran Sheikh and in the leads there are Harish Verma & Wamiqa Gabbi. Alongside them Hobby Dhaliwal, BN Sharma, Gurpreet Bhangu, Rupinder Rupi and Baninder Bunny are seen in the movie.

The story revolves around Harish Verma who is trying to become Nadhoo Khan because he wanted to be a wrestler and in his journey there came many problems. Now how he deals with all the issues and what his journey will teach us, the story is all about it. Acting of all the artists is good but from all of them Baninder Bunny has outshined with his amazing character. Harish Verma & Wamiqa Gabbi have played their parts well.

The thought process of movie is wonderful but it is not presented well as the story is very catchy but have not delivered the essential elements properly because of which audience did not connected with it. Dialogues are written nicely which give us laughter as well as makes us emotional but those dialogues are much dragged which depicts like that 2 persons are having a competition of delivering them. That is why they do not connect the audience with story as the situation is only understood by it but did not clicked at all.

Hardwork on technical aspects were seen at some points and elements in the movie but overall it couldn’t leave impact as it lacked at many things like Direction, Editing, Screenplay and Cinematography. Also the Background Music like sound effects in the movie are given too much but there is very less Background Score which maybe wasn’t heard properly and due to these reasons emotions are not depicted well through the good expression also. Story idea is good, acting is good but the whole movie is not presented well. Songs of the movie are nice which are sung by Ninja, Gurlez Akhtar, Gurnam Bhullar, Daler Mehndi and many more.

DAAH Films is giving ‘Nadhoo Khan’ 1.5 stars.