Punjabi music industry is defamed for thieving the songs of other people who are not much famous and releasing those songs of the singers on their name and betrayed them. Many of the times the names of many famed singers doing this are revealed.

Similarly with this concept new song of Himmat Sandhu is released ‘Munde Pindaan de’ where they started the song with this theme and the lyrics are also on this.

Moreover, the lyrics explained that how the singers from small rural areas will not only survive in the big cities even they are ruling those cities which is also another reality of our industry as many of the artist are from small villages but are ruling the cities.

Further, the song is penned by Gill Raunta and music is given by Laddi Gill. And to his lyrics the voice of Himmat Sandhu is doing complete justice. Besides this the song is released under the label of ‘Himmat Sandhu Music’.