Jagjeet Sandhu and Sawan Rupowali’s movie with it’s name in digits i.e. 19/21 (Unni Ikki) has been released under the banner of Ghaint Singh Entertainment, Running Break Productions and KP Motion Pictures. The movie has Karamjit Anmol, Nirmal Rishi, Lucky Dhaliwal and Sameep Singh along with Jagjeet and Sawan in main lead to enrich the movie with their presence and direction to them is given by Livtar Singh and Kaypee Gill. 

The movie has a strong element that is it’s story which convinces you to watch the movie till end as it is about a guy DC or Jagjeet who’s famous in college to arrange all the work which is not possible easily but his destiny fails to arrange his love Sawan to be with him because her marriage get fixed to a NRI Karamjit Anmol. So to get her in his life Jagjeet has to do some ‘Unni Ikki’  and that all started when Sawan has to tie knot on 21 but he reached her place on 19. Now how this 19/21 will arrange Jagjeet’s to get his love Sawan to be with him. 

Further talking about acting as they all are skilled and done well because all are theatre artist which helped them to live the characters purely but still some more efforts could be there to draw some difference from their characters as similar characters of these artists were seen in their past works. 

The story of the movie make it different from others as it is fresh and makers also did justice to it’s content as natural and situational comedy is drawn at points which would help the friends to revive their college moments and presence of Nirmal Rishi give reasons to family to get entertain with her character, also Parkash Gandhu character doesn’t let the movie’s pace to fall slow. Moreover, Jagjeet hasn’t seems as the hero but the story of the movie looks like hero of the movie where every character fits in except Gurchet Chitarkaar who played the character of Sawan’s father but never felt connected to anyone’s feeling anywhere.

Furthermore, talking about the technical aspect wherever drones shots have been taken it adds more efficiency to cinematography but handy shots are weak. Even, DI or colour correction needs more improvement and also BG Score or music needs more work which may helped in raising the level of the movie. All these causes are may be because of budget as it is first movie of producers. Ignoring all these mistakes, the screenplay of the movie let you connected. 

At end it is concluded that may be because of StarCast movie is not in limelight but it is a better movie then many punjabi films because of it’s story. Also, it gives a message that it would be better to do some Unni Ikki rather then doing a marriage by running. 

DAAH Films give 3 stars to ‘Unni Ikki’