Everyone has their own choices and they can do whatever they want but making a choice to built a movie like this is something not acceptable. We are talking about a punjabi movie which is released on 25th January, 2019 titled ‘Saadi Marzi’. Here we are presenting a review of it. 

This movie is presented by GLM Productions which is directed by Ajay Chandhok and in the leads there are Anirudh Lalit and Aanchal Tyagi and alongside them there are seen Yograj Singh, Neena Bundhel and Harbhy Sangha. The story of the movie revolves around a young boy named Lalit but his Punjabi father call him Lakha and his Haryanvi mother calls him Lalit. His mother father always fight because their thinking doesn’t match as they belong to different religions. They always go according to their choices and decisions. They always drag their son in between their stupid issues but the problem arises in the movie when they both have a decided to get their son married to a girl of their choice. Punjabi father Yograj Singh wants to get him married to a punjabi girl but Haryanvi mother wants him to get married to a Haryanvi girl. 

The story is very normal and grounded but it tried to depict big topics like clash of Punjab and Haryana but sorry to say that this story fails to depict anything meaningful. Plot of the story is very weak and when the backbone of the movie is not good then how can you expect to make a great movie or a good movie. Talking about other aspects of the movie like acting, debutant Anirudh Lalit and Aanchal Tyagi have to work much harder on their acting skills. Yograj Singh, Neena Bundhel and Harbhy Sangha have played their roles well but public expect much more than that and to fulfil that the director of the movie fails to grab best out of them. Technically movie is very weak as Screenplay, Editing and Direction is not upto the mark. 

Music of the movie is something which is enjoyable and is more entertaining than the whole movie. Film Makers and Actors should focus on a good story because the story is the pillar of a good movie. Saadi Marzi has a story idea which itself is very weak.

DAAH Films is giving 1/2 star to ‘Saadi Marzi’ movie.