Amrinder Gill, Who is best known for his amazing set of experiments. He is the one who always comes up with new twist and turns, either in his plots of film stories or in his film distribution strategies. Rhythm Boyz have made their experiments a hit. ‘Laiye Je Yaariyan’, Got released In india on 5th June, 2019 and will release worldwide on 7th June, 2019. This film features, Harish Verma, Roopi Gill, Rubina Bajwa & Amrinder Gill in pivotal roles. Some special appearances were seen too, Amberdeep Singh, Ranjit Bawa, Sajjan Adeeb, Shipra Goyal & Director Sukh Sangehra as well.

The plot revolves around a rivalry clash between Roopi Gill & Amrinder Gill, Where Harish Verma & Rubina Bajwa unfortunately turns as Roopi’s fortune, which was well fitted in the film. Also, who made the yariaan with whom is all about the story of film. If talking about their performances, Amrinder was as usual natural and subtle, What does this mean? Samajhde Meri Gal! but to make this one more clear you can catch it after watching the film. On the other hand Roopi Gill was just like a fresh breeze and it was a delight to watch her on Big Screens. She has played her part well which has also entertained the audience. Harish Verma was Quirky and Apt. Rubina Bajwa’s part was well justified but it could be played with more efforts. Story was well knitted but connections in between the characters in the end were somewhere missing as if the essential part of the film like Business matters and Love triangle were more established with better screenplay in details than we would have said it is a perfect one.

Technically movie is strong and talking about captain of the ship who is Director Sukh Sanghera, doing debut in film direction. He has binded the threads of the story nicely which do not let us feel any major jump in the storyline but this time he has worked with Rhythm Boyz Entertainment which is a positive point for him as they have always worked with full efforts on their projects and they intervene in every aspect of the film. So, Actual test of his film direction abilities would be when he will work with some other production house. A special mention to Dheeraj Rattan & Amberdeep Singh who wrote the screenplay and dialogues so well, the situational comedy was on the point. Overall this film was entertaining, well elaborated and perfectly shot.

DAAH Films is giving 3.5 out of 5 Stars.