So the much awaited film of the year Qismat has been released. A presentation of Shri Narottam Ji Production, it stars Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta in the lead roles. Unsurprisingly, Qismat has blown our minds and hearts and we cannot just stop thinking about the story.

Directed by Jagdeep Sidhu, who has debuted as a director with this film, Qismat revolves around tiny little aspects of human life and how they have been so well incorporated into a movie. A story which is so well-woven, so well brought to action, it is definitely going to be one of Sidhu’s masterpieces. His flawless direction has got a feather added to his writer’s cap.

Shive, a young boy who has given his word of commitment to his Bhabhi’s sister moves to Chandigarh and to his own astonishment falls for Bani. Bani, who has been recently cheated upon by her boyfriend finds in Shive, a supporting friend. Strikes like a very usual love story right? But, it is not because qismat has a role to play and this time, it is even bigger. Will they come back together and will they have a happily ever after, is the climax of the story.

The whole story moves around how Shive and Bani meet each other, what goes on between them, what makes them move apart from each other and what might be their end, Qismat justifies its meaning of its title and how fate drives the story of these two souls. The story moves around so smoothly, taking inspiration from every day characters, from every day happenings, and how relationships develop and end.

Regarding the acting skills of both the actors and their chemistry, well, without doubt, both of them have excelled by being into their characters. For not even a single second will one feel bored of the presence of Ammy and Sargun who take most of the screen space. Usually, when we get to see a lot of just the same characters on the screen, we get bored but Ammy and Sargun’s acting and their being so seamlessly drawn into the roles of Shive and Bani, does not at all bring any boredom but we actually get so connected with them that we want to see more of them.

After doing the role of a real life person in Harjeeta, Ammy Virk’s transformation back into a desi munda is a thing to watch for. He is definitely one actor Punjabi cinema has right now who is making improvements in himself with every role he gets. Sargun Mehta so effortlessly slips into the character of a college going young girl from Chandigarh, probably because she relates to it. And again, she so effortlessly and so naturally slips into the character of the same girl who is now ill. The supporting cast of Guggu Gill, Tania, and Harby Sangha do justice to their roles.

The music of this film does not need a mention now because it has been so well received by everyone and it truly does sync with the story of the film.

Qismat is such a natural and simple story without any exaggerated dramatic action or melodrama but certain to and fro going back in the story and coming to the present seem unwanted and could have been done without. Despite that, the essence of the film does not get lost, it does not go haywire.

There is every element of human emotion in this film, and more than that, every element has been so beautifully brought to action by Jagdeep Sidhu that it does not even for once feel that it is his directorial debut. It will make you laugh, it will make you smile, it will make you ponder over the beauty of the connection between two souls which does not need an expression of love, which exists without any limits, without any confessions and without any expectations.

Qismat without doubt, is one of the most beautiful stories that has ever been put into action in Punjabi cinema. And we are sure, as much as everyone was waiting for the release of this film to see the story of Shive and Bani unfold, we hope it will definitely reach upto the expectations of the audience. After such a long time, we have such a soulful movie and it is a must watch.

Rating: 3.5 stars