Punjabi Cinema is nowadays trying something new and it’s really good that new attempts are being made in Pollywood. Similarly, one more different content movie ‘Munda Hi Chahida’ is released today and we are here with the movie review. 

Rubina Bajwa & Harish Verma starrer film is produced under the banner of ‘Shri Narotham Ji Film’ and ‘Neeru Bajwa Entertainments’ and we can say that this film had a really different concept because after the trailer everyone was wondering that how can a man be pregnant so all answers get cleared today with the release of this film. Talking about the storyline, this film is the story of a middle class family in which a grand mother in law keeps on taunting her daughter in law because she wants a grandson as she has already gave birth to two daughters. How this story take twists and turns while giving a meaningful ending is the whole film. 

While talking about the acting, we have to agree that Harish Verma is a versatile actor but director could use his skills in a more better way. On the other hand Rubina had a little part in the film but character of the Harish’s friend was literally good. This film has some good points as there are various scenes in the film which can even make you emotional and how a middle class family behave with each other and how they spend their lives in a small house is presented well in the film. There is an element of superstition too in the film which will also be giving a good message. 

Coming to the negative point, we can say that this film has a good thought process but it could be presented well in the terms of screenplay and cinematography. For example, director could have show the emotional journey and transformation of the actor in more effective manner. Moreover, tagline of the film was ‘Munda Chahida hai ta aap hi jammo’ but this tagline couldn’t get justified through the film and which makers wanted to show to audience was not felt properly. 

Talking about the technical points, we can say that cinematography could be get better because there were various shots in the film which was shoot on fixed blocks and there could have been more chances for better screenplay in the film. 

DAAH Films is giving 3/5 stars to the film.