Punjabi industry has reached to the point where Bollywood celebrities , big franchises and producers are investing in it. Similarly, Ajay Devgn has invested in film ‘Singham’ which is released today in punjabi, starring Parmish Verma, Sonam Bajwa, Kartar Cheema in leads. 

Singham is a biggest franchise and almost every Indian has watched this film because it has been made in 5 languages and now it is released in Punjabi. Talking about the story, let us tell you that it is not exactly the remake of ‘Singham’ because of different story line and different characters but these elements are not even that different because we were remembering the famous scenes of original Singham. In this film, different different elements were placed in different places and after seeing them one word which came in our mind was ‘Khichdi’ but there was a voice which came from audience was ‘Eh Singham nahi Chingam hai’. As we all have seen Singham of Ajay Devgn but we can say that this punjabi Singham is not even the half of that film. 

Yes! If makers take responsibility to remake a super hit film so it’s their duty to maintain the level of the original one but here we have experienced something opposite. Taking about the acting, we cannot expect something extra ordinary from anyone except Hardeep Gill. You must be wondering that how is the acting of Parmish Verma then we have only one word ‘Same’. We have seen his same anger expressions in Rocky Mental as well as Dil Diyan Gallan but audience is expecting something different from him. We can say that only happy roles suit him and he really need to work on his expressions because we cannot justify every scene with furrows on our forehead. Also, his role wasn’t portrayed well by the director. On the other hand, Sonam Bajwa was looking beautiful and whenever she came on screen she did entertain audience. Talking about Kartar Cheema, he has portrayed a different type of character and justified it upto an extent but if someone wants to see Kartar then they can watch Sikander 2 because it is released a week ago. In contradictory, Hardeep Gill did justice with his role by his acting skills and he also entertained us in every possible way. 

While talking about the positive points, this film is remake of a super hit film though this point also seems negative but Parmish Verma is positive points for his fans. Whereas, there will be a win of Punjab Police in the end that means the win of truth. 

Coming to the negative point, the list is long we can say. In the starting of this film, first 5 minutes are of black and white scenes but why? We don’t know that. Secondly, when Parmish arrested Bhishna (Kartar’s friend) and put him in jail and in the second shot he’s out from there, which we also don’t know how? Furthermore, there is an action scene in which a fainted kid is on Parmish’s shoulder and eyes of that boy is somewhere open and somewhere close while Parmish is doing actions in the air without even dropping the kid, this scene would be justified if that kid could be tied up with rope or something. In the last scene, when Kartar Cheema is dead and a police officer is putting alcohol on his face, his face is shaking with uncomfort, we also don’t know that how can a dead man move. These kind of things should be taken into consideration by the director because his negligence was seen in these scenes clearly.

If we talk about the technical part, one word which comes in our mind is ‘disappointment’. Stunt and action scenes are even challenging gravity. There are a lot of actions which used to take place in Bollywood and South films too but they usually get justified with expressions but here Parmish has kicked a guy slightly and that guy is in air with in no second. Cinematography of this film is also basic and there was sort of Make Up issue or shooting issue because in the whole film, face burning of every character was there. Moreover, there was a scene of wedding in which people are firing with their guns in the air but there is no firing effect which can be seen and the voice of ‘thaa thaa’ was there which literally irritates at that time. Moreover, there are many mistakes in these departments and we can say that director Navaniat Singh should have taken care of these elements because he has given so many films earlier so this film was a big responsibility for him or we could also complaint to Ajay Devgn because it’s his first film in Punjabi and he didn’t take it seriously. 

Overall, there is an original song ‘Kalli Kitte Mil’ of Kulwinder Dhillon and on this song everyone has tapped their feet in theaters and we can say that nothing can match the original and it is good that real song is being used in this film.

So, we advise you to watch Bollywood Singham again and DAAH Films is giving 2 stars to ’Singham’.