The new year expected with new and happy beginnings which seems poor in punjabi industry as the first movie of year Jaan toh Pyara performed poor and the next released movie Khatre Da Ghuggu is also not well. That even a voice from audience echoed that better to absorb sun rays in winters rather watching this movie.

Khatre Da Ghuggu is released under the banner of Ananta Films in which Jordan Sandhu, Diljott, B.N. Sharma, Anita, Parkash Gadhu, Ravinder Mand and many are seen in various roles. To all of them direction is given by Shivtar Shiv and Aman Cheema. The title of the movie is around the supersition, B. N. Sharma where he got trapped in the words of a saint Purshotam Maharaj where he fed him that sooner he will die and this dragged him to depression to this B. N. Sharma’s superstition, Jordan and Diljott encountered him with another superstition. Along with this, on side line so called emotion-less and romance-less love story of Jordan Sandhu and Diljott goes on. Further you can also see so called villain who’s love story also irritates you i.e. of Raj Dhaliwal and Nitu Pandher.

Talking about acting, Jordan is growing with every movie but choosing a poor movie with weak character and story is not good for him. Diljott looks innocent and cute but her dialogues and expressions are weak. Further, B.N. Sharma, Ravinder Mandu, Anita Shabdeesh are good artist but they are also not upto the mark because screenplay and direction is weak.

Talking about positive point which is only one that you get a lesson about superstition that never get trapped in them. Now moving to negative points they are many as if you have to come a point of superstition then why you took 40 minutes to be there, you can reach at concept earlier. Further there is a scene where B.N. Sharma ran away from the hospital and everyone was looking for him but then when he reached his daughter’s place then no one ask about it.

The story is written by Ravinder Mand who is a theater artist and an amazing artist. From his story it is also clearly visible that it is written by a theater artist as from scenes it seems like it is not meant for cinema but this is on the part of Shivtar shiv and Aman Cheema that they have to do that with their direction. They both derives well the character of B. N. Sharma as a miser perhaps they also had done the direction miserly. Moreover, in a scene Nitu fired a gun shoot three times where no fire is seen but only sound hits the ears nothing else. Also, there are so many basic errors in the movie. In Addition to this some songs are shoot in Dubai where the beauty of Dubai is not covered well. Even over exposure and over color correction is seen. So in total directors hasn’t worked properly.

DAAH Films gives 1.5 stars.