Love is the most beautiful essence of life and it is said that love is for ‘Jhalle’, not for the grown ones because as we grown up we start bothering more about society and surroundings despite thinking about our love. Then what is the need to grow up let be ‘Jhalle’ and live your life on your terms of love and life. With this concept very pleasing story of ‘Jhalle’ is drawn to the silver screen by the director Amarjit Singh who had earlier influenced the audience with his directorial debut through ‘Kala Shah Kala’.

14th february’2019 had witnessed the chemistry of Binnu Dhillon and Sargun Mehta under the vision of Amarjit Singh in ‘kala Shaha Kala’ now after 9 months like a mother gave birth to child the same trio given a birth to their child ‘Jhalle’ as it is clearly visible on screen that how they nourished the script and screenplay in the womb for 9 months and delivered it on 15th November’2019. The film born is ultimate amalgamation of romance, comedy, emotions and deliver messages but in distinct manner.

Sargun and Binnu are seen in main roles around whom story revolves around and apart from them, Pawan Malhotra, Jatinder Kaur, Harby Sangha, Banninder and Gurinder Dimpy are also seen supporting them to their best. Might be without their efforts director would be failed to explain the subject to the best.

Talking about the storyline of the movie, it is the story of psycho family of ‘Neena’ or Sargun Mehta where her marriage is the cup of task and she finds Ballu or Binnu Dhillon for herself. But the twist of the movie is they both are mental and they both don’t know that the other is psychos. When this reality check comes in front of them they delivered very beautiful message while preceeding the story.

According to Ravi Dubey, Sargun Mehta is Jhalli but today Sargun explained that no one could deliver this role of Neena more exquisitely. She just nailed it with her expressions and at times her expressions looks alike Priyanka Chopra’s expression in Barfi. Besides this her expressions in ‘Kuch bol Ve’ are admirable as she just knockout the game with the way she just presented her love with her looks and expressions.

Binnu Dhillon is an upstanding actor but alot of times his films failed to serve best may be the reason is his making team because whenever he got the opportunity to serve a nice story he perormed exceptionally well. In the movie he done a superb work while explaining how love is for ‘Jhalle’.

Pawan Malhotra is a blend of Jhalle and intelligent as with his expressions he perfectly goes with his character and this story is null without his presence and character.

This movie has earned the credit to be one of the best movies of punjabi industry as it’s story is simple but interesting which diluted pleasurably in heart and head which is rarely happens in punjabi entertainment industry. Also, they have touched the matter of terrorism and cruelty during 1984 riots through which they delivered a message to absorb that propelled you to must watch this movie.

Despite this movie also have some weak points like in a scene Sargun who’s character’s call is curly hair has seen in poor hairdo which explains the careless concern of hair dresser, director and cinematographer. Also, a scene where battery of Binnu’s car is misplaced and in other scene it was there is not justified. Also, a scene of rewind with remote is abrupt as it doesn’t went with the regular theme but it is acceptable.

On technical part the movie is magnificent and raising the standard of pollywood. Also director Amarjit singh has delivered a better movie than his previous one. We hope to see him always doing quality movies rather then involving in the trap of quantity. The dialogues penned are first-rate which again explains the work of Rakesh Dhawan beautifully. Ignoring the minimal mistakes the movie is supremely well and music is remarkable.

DAAH Films gives 4 Star to ‘Jhalle’. ⭐⭐⭐⭐