2020 has two most awaited films named Sufna and Ik Sandhu Hunda Si, Sufna has already been a blockbuster and now Ik Sandhu Hunda Si is paving path for same as response and reviews for this is also great worldwide. The story line is similar that is predictable in the trailer where Sandhu has to choose between love and friendship, you have witnessed many similar films but this has it’s own uniqueness i.e. it’s treatment and presentation for this we can give credits to the director.

Golden Bridge Films and Entertainment Pvt Ltd presented this movie and is produced by Bally Singh Kakar. The movie has given a special treatment by the director Rakesh Mehta. The story is about Sandhu who’s character is played by Gippy Grewal who is the boss of the movie and college too. He has a girlfriend who’s character is played by Neha Sharma and two friends Gill and Grewal who’s character is played by Roshan Prince and Dheeraj Kumar Respectively. The Dialogues that put the energy in the movie is written by Prince Kanwaljit Singh and story is penned by Jass Grewal

Talking about acting skills then we can say that we have seen Gippy Grewal’s new shade especially in his action sequence which is different and good for his audience and for this it’s important to an actor to work with different directors to explore their skills. Moreover, similar is with Roshan Prince as this time something new and different is seen in his acting as we have seen his natural acting and his comedy side and again for this we can give credits to writing, dialogues and direction. Further, Neha Sharma is good in her acting irrespective of her voice is not there but the sync is good. We hope that she has entered the industry on good note so she can learn and do her dubbing own. Furthermore, all the other supporting artist namely Pawan Malhotra , Vikramjeet Virk, Babbal Rai , Dheeraj Kumar , Raghveer Boli , Jasprem Dhillon has entertained you well.

Talking about positive points, the Dialogues, Screenplay, Direction are really amazing especially when we talk about pollywood there are very less directors who work with this passion which is clearly visible in his frames and treatment to each scene. In the movie when we look at Sandhu, Gill and Grewal then a bit of essence of 3 idiots is felt, many of you might disagree with this but if you feel it then it’s really a point of matter. Overall, the pace of the movie is maintained you never felt bore because you get entertained at times through romantic scenes, sometime through college political scenes. We can say college generation can relate to it easily and who are passed out can felt nostalgic after viewing it and they can live their days once again. Even music is really connected to each scene and is good especially Galib song is melodious and droops you into the scenes.

Further moving to negative points which are like negligible you can count them on fingers like a Song Sone Di Wang is not required as it breaks the pace of the movie because as the song ends pace is recreated. Anmol Kwatra is seen in the movie but it seems like if you have taken him then at least take some work from him. Also, Story is predictable but yes for that we can say we all know our college days but want to live it again and again.

Technically, direction is perfect each frame is considered and attractive that engage you which draws it’s screenplay perfectly. Action of the movie is really enhanced the level of pollywood, we can say that Sham Kaushal has done it amazingly, his experience and professionalism has put that real essence to each action scene and you never felt any unreal scene there. Moreover the audio work adds cherry on the top of ice- cream as it goes hand on hand with each scene and upgrades the scene. Due to all these factors we can say perhaps story is basic but felt really entertained. The credit to all this goes to Rakesh Mehta the director who treated this beautifully.

DAAH Films gives 4.5 Stars to Ik Sandhu Hunda Si.