There are various Punjabi movies which are getting release every Friday and there is one movie which is released today named ‘Mindo Taseeldarni starring Karamjit Anmol, Kavita Kaushik, Isha Rikhi and Rajvir Jawanda in lead roles. This film is directed by Avtar Singh & released under the banner of Karamjit Animal Productions and Ranjiv Single Productions. 

This film mainly rotates around Karamjit Anmol as he has boasted the rumor about his affair with Mindo Taseeldarni which is playing by Kavita Kaushik who is a well know figure in his whole village as well as surrounding villages. How he managed to maintain his lie in front of others and how Karamjit falls for Kavita Kaushik including all angle of Rajvir Jawanda and Isha Rikhi lovestory is the whole concept on which the story of the films revolves. Talking about the title of the film, Mindo Taseeldarni everyone thought that this film would be a female oriented film of Punjabi Cinema but after watching the film it didn’t look so. All the lead characters of the film had equal representation in the film because it all started with the marriage of Rajvir Jawanda & Isha Rikhi as Rajvir is playing the character of Army Man and Isha Rikhi is the cousin of Mindo Taseeldarni. In calculation, story of the film not only has love angle but also have twists and turns in the film. 

If we talk about the acting of all the characters then we can say that Karamjit Anmol, Isha Rikhi & Lucky Dhaliwal has nailed their roles with their acting capabilities but the one person who looked different among all was Lucky Dhaliwal as he was playing the character of a Haryanvi man and he had a good control over the language. If we talk about the character of Kavita Kaushik then we can say that her style & appearance was good but her role couldn’t leave imprint on audience and we cay say that it could be because of her dubbing because her dubbing was not her voice that’s why she looked somewhere dull. On the other hand, Rajvir Jawanda played his part well and we can say that he has seen improved from his past film ‘Jind Jaan’. Moreover, Isha Rikhi has outshined with her acting skills as her capabilities were seen on screens.

While talking about the positive points we can say that this film doesn’t only have comedy but also have mixed emotions like action, drama &  romance as second half of the film will show you all these emotions. Story of the film has quite interesting twist and turns. 

Coming to the negative points, scripting of the film couldn’t really work as the connection of scenes and story was somewhere missing. Moreover, dialogues of the film couldn’t leave imprint on people mind and hearts, it could be written in more appealing way. 

Overall, we can say that this film not only has comedy but other emotions too but has some flaws too. DAAH Films is giving Mindo Taseeldarni 2.5 stars.