Nature is unpredictable as it lend you with any situation any time like Punjab flood but you can help the victims by watching ‘Doorbeen’ as 20% of your ticket share will be contributed to them. Now with this kind of situation the people of Vehlipur village suffered which is the concept of ‘Doorbeen’.

Azaad Parinden films presents this movie to whom direction is given by Ishan Chopra with utmost beauty. Further talking about the acting, Ninja, Wamiqa Gabbi, Jass Bajwa and Jasmin Bajwa are in main lead but Karamjit Anmol, Rupinder Rupi, Randeep Bhanghu, Yograj Singh and Harby Sangha are seen if as they are in main lead as they played their characters with natural essence. Yograj Singh tried comedian character in many films in past but this time the enact of a drunker he played fantastically. Even Rupinder Rupi is into her character with a full grasp like as an eagle holds it’s prey and it seems like Yograj Singh is her prey in the whole movie. Also, Randeep Bhangu is notable in the movie. Overall we can say that this movie belongs  to at the characters of the movie and the real hero of the movie is it’s storyline. 

In the first half of the movie there are few drops of romance sprinkled by Ninja-Wamiqa Gabbi and in the second half they are sprinkled by Jass- Jasmine Bajwa but if the level of romance could be a bit more then it would be more fascinating. Also Jass bajwa needs to work more on his expressions and dialogue delivery. Though the main focus of director and writer is on the storyline of the movie, the basic story of the movie is about a village Vehlipur who illegally produce and distribute ‘Desi Sahrab’ and they never get caught by police but it was once said that you can never hide a wrong doing that give ways to the story of the movie. 

In the story Jass bajwa has played the character of a teacher but in real he is a Punjab police officer who extract all the truth from the character in the movie and from there the whole business of illegeal production is revealed. This movie will delivery a message to the policemen and politician of the Punjab. The first half of the movie goes to the natural acting of the supporting stars. Further, a scene in a movie where the interaction of Hobby Dhaliwal and Yograj Singh is not shown which left you with a curiosity that what happened there in between them. Also, the suspense that teacher Jass Bajwa is the police man can be carried a bit long. 

But overall  the story, screenplay and dialogues  is very good that gives you solid reason to watch this movie. Even on technical aspect VFX seems like natural and a new flavour of direction and cinematography is there which shows that makers tried something different and new which is also somewhere successful. At the end we can conclude that  along with a social message to the system, this movie will serve you with romance and comedy also. Concluding all this DAAH Films gives 3. 5 stars to the movie.