In 2013, there was film named ‘Sikander’ was released which connected us to the truth of university and student politics and now it’s sequel ‘Sikander 2’ is released under the banner of Geet MP3 and Monga Brothers starring Kartar Cheema & Guri in lead role while celebrities who are in supporting roles are Sawan, Nikeet Dhillon, Lucky Dhaliwal, Victor John, Navdeep Kaler, Seema Kaushal, Rahul Jungral and many more. 

Story of this film revolves around a guy named ‘Balli’ who’s character has played by ‘Guri’, how he come to university for studies and how he became star of college then student politics, weapons and then vanishment of all. He digged well for himself and couldn’t came from that so his elder brother ‘Sikander’ came to rescue him and what will happen with Sikander and Balli is the whole story of the film. 

Talking about acting, Kartar Cheema has won award in negative shade and automatically he had much responsibility after that and he fulfilled that in every impressive way. His acting was appreciable while on the other hand ‘Guri’ did his debut from this film and we can say that he has done a commendable job as debutant and his dialogue delivery was majestic. If we talk about supporting star cast like Lucky Dhaliwal, Sawan, Navdeep, Rahul, Victor and other, they were also backbone of the story because without them, this film would be incomplete and uninteresting. 

This film has given a meaningful message which is a good thing that how student politics impacts our life in a positive and negative manner and how a gun or weapon could do bad to you and what are the repercussion of all these things. This could all get clear after the wide shot of Kartar Cheema and few lines in back were played which has literally justified everything of this film. This film has got very entertaining dialogues as we can relate to these dialogues like there was a situation in which someone asked about the address and one person replied ‘WhatsApp te location bhejda veere’, these dialogues we generally use in our day to day life and this something good. 

Taking about direction, we can say that Manav Shah has done his job in a very justified manner as how he has played that timing of interval, how this film has edited with glimpse of flashback of Sikander while continuing the current story of this film is just commendable and even after those scenes film is just 2 hours and 12 mins, this is something impressive. As this is sequel of Sikander so some flashbacks play in this film but don’t worry! If you haven’t watched it’s first part, even you can understand this one because there is no deep connection of these two films and this also something positive about this film. Moreover, all songs of this films are entertaining but title track in voice of Karan Aujla has got most of the attention.

If we come to the negative points, Somewhere how love story angle of Guri & Nikeet was started, was not justified and elaborated in a good way which was looking incomplete. In addition, there was some spark missing in the action scenes of Kartar Cheema, if could be presented in a attractive manner.

Overall, this film is different and DAAH Films is giving ‘Sikandar 2’ 4/5 stars.