Amaanat clearly explains that beauty lies in simplicity as the dialogues of the movie are simple and effective. Also, the way they exchange their love proposals are beautiful yet simple. This movie has communicated a message that if you can’t take care of your belongings then definitely some one took the advantage in their ways.

Dheeraj Kumar, Neha Pawar, Rahul Jugral, Mahabir Bhullar, Honey Mattu are seen in the main lead and they all have done a good work under the direction of Royal Singh. The storyline of the movie is really impactful and with much gracefully director has shown that on screen. The basic concept of the movie is very deep and for that to understand one need to have the understanding of real love. Further, Neha Pawar is searching for Fateh in the movie in which Dheeraj helped her. Somehow she finds him but twist turns up there and again she faced another trouble.

If you want to watch the realistic cinema then this movie is a must watch as no stupid comedy scenes are there, no action scenes are displayed. Also, if you liked the trailer then definitely movie will be a joy for you. Moreover, they tried to avoid that cliche where when hero sees a pity girl then automatically he came to rescue her but here it took a while for him to convince himself to help her.

Talking about the acting skills, they are very real specially acting of Dheeraj and Neha as one failed to recognise at once that they are acting. This thing got cleared in the very first scene of Neha Pawar. Also, this movie explains about that chapter of the society which is not generally taken by many movies and they also got successful in their attempt to a extent.

Further, talking about the negative points, change in the looks of Mahabir Bhullar is seen in the climax rest all have constant looks which seems poor, director must take in consideration about these points because generally in pollywood when movie is moving towards it’s end they start ignoring such points. In Addition, screenplay of the movie is beautiful but also slow, if they could edit it fast then it would be more effective. Furthermore, scenes between Rupinder Rupi and Dheeraj are not necessary and can be avoid as they degrades the taste of the movie also they need more work on visuals. Even the chroma hasn’t got a proper treatment.

At last this movie gives different essence of cinema in all aspects either it’s story, screenplay or direction.

DAAH Films give 3 stars to Amaanat.