Movie ‘Raduaa’ itself has no frequency! Disappointing!


Pollywood movies now days are doing tremendous in every means. Be it, basic technicalities, concepts or post-production. Nav Bajwa starrer ‘Raduaa’ released this Friday. The movie got the buzz as it was the first science fiction (sort off) from Pollywood. Read to know more…

Raduaa (Movie Review)

Genre: Science fiction (This is what the makers say)

Director: The movie is directed by newcomer Nav Bajwa

Cast:  Nav Bajwa, Gurpreet Ghuggi, BN Sharma, Satinder Satti, Vaibhavi Joshi, Gurpreet Bhangu, Mahabir Bhullar seen in pivotal roles

Producer: Nav Bajwa Films and Big Bat Films produced the movie mutually

Written By: The movie is written by Nav Bajwa (Why? so, much of multitasking, leads to disasters)

Plot: The movie starts with people running around all their way and getting back to their rental house. Characters of Nav Bajwa, Ghuggi and BN Sharma stay at a landlady’s place (Satinder Satti’s) and just like all those Bollywood typical landlords, she is fed up of them and their habits of non-payment of bills. The scene will remind you of the movie ‘Dhamaal’, originality? All the characters  of the movie are messed up with their own lives and suddenly this Raduaa happens!  Unlike other science fiction movies which has logic, imaginations, science and technology, concepts, Raduaa has NOTHING. Just a radio which will solve all the problems.

Later, all the characters engaged in a fight, experiences the ‘Raduaa’ thing. All you need a radio, a fight, idiot friends and a green solution to time travel, wow!

Nav Bajwa, who is the hero, the writer, the director and the producer too! Dude! Too much of multitasking lets to disasters.

Till the interval, the movie runs on a single track of 2018 to 1955. And after the interval, there is no comeback. The film does not do any magic after the interval, in fact ‘a surgical strike’ done by all the heroes in 1955 made it even worst.

Acting: Nav Bajwa, Gurpreet Ghuggi, BN Sharma and Satinder Satti have good potentials, but, Nav Bajwa miserably fails to take that charm out of them. Apart from the fact that BN Sharma and Gurpreet Ghuggi are amazing comedians, their comedy did not bang the audience this time.

Technical aspects: The background music, direction, and editing does not give justifications. 1st Science fiction from Pollywood, the storyline could have been much more interesting but bad cinematography, bad direction, bad script and screenplay made the movie more ‘idiotic’ and ‘illogical’ in the name of sci-fi.

Critical Rating: 1/5