So Sidhu Moosewala has officially declared now that there is no comparison with this Jatt. In his recently released song titled ‘Jatt da Muqabala‘, Moosewala openly confronts his enemies and conveys that he is beyond the limits of those who want to stand opposite him.

Produced under the label of T-Series, the lyrics have been penned by Moosewala himself and the music has been composed by Snappy. Even though there’s not much to say about this song, we know one thing for sure, that being that this song is going to be on Moosewala’s fans’ playlist for a very long time. And that is not owing to this particular song but owing to the huge love and popularity this young artist has gained over such a short period of time.

The video showcases how even though after being so famous and in demand, he never leaves his humility and finds time for the fans who want to click selfies with him. To all those who want to compete with him, he has no words for them.

This is the first song from his first album titled PBX 1 and the remaining songs though have been released, they do not yet have their music video. We hope Sidhu Moosewala will continue being the amazing singer he is and the love he has garnered from his fans continues to increase.