There are various incidents regarding police harassment which are happening in our country one after another and one more indecent took place in Mumbai with Mahie Gill while she was shooting for a web series named ‘Fixer’. She and crew of Fixer got harassed by 4 drunkards and police officers did nothing even after knowing all the incident. 

Mahie Gill is currently shooting for a web series in Thane Mumbai and something happened on the shoot as shot was in a factory on Porbandar Road, they had all the valid permissions and they have given the money to location manager also but somehow 4 drunkards came with sticks in their hands and they started claming that the factory belongs to them. They started hitting the whole crew of the web series and even harassed Mahie Gill too. Mahie Gill said when the men came to attack her, she ran towards her car and saw that the goons were “hitting people like animals”. “We are not going to the police as they themselves were telling the goons to hit us,” the actor said. Mr Saawhney claimed when the police patrol vehicle arrived, they narrated the incident to them but the police shut the compound door, didn’t let the crew collect their belongings and demanded money. 

Furthermore, “The police officers said that come to court and then take your stuff. This is total harassment. We have consciously taken a call to not file a police complaint as you will call the other party, give them an NC (non-cognisable offence) and they will be out on bail. “We, on the other hand, will forever be running to the court and be branded as ‘criminals’. It is harassment for the industry,” he added. This is something which a person can never think off, Police men are behaving like goons nowadays. Normal people can never seek for justice but they have met CM of Maharashtra too and he took the actions against all the culprits. Mahie Gill has herself shared the picture. They are stars that why the action have been taken very early but here the question arises, what if this happened with normal people?