Punjabi films are incomplete without songs and there is one female play back singer who has won our hearts through her hit songs and her name is ‘Mannat Noor’ as she has given us various fabulous songs like Laung Laachi, Multan, Gulabi Paani and many more but now she is coming with her single track named ‘Reshmi Chunni’.

In an exclusive conversation with DAAH Films she has mentioned about her upcoming single track and she even explained the need of that track as she always wanted to be a playback singer and her hard work paid off. Till now, people recognise her with her voice but very few people recognises her face so now she wanted to give a appreciable track so that people can know her more. Furthermore, she included that in order to get shows and business every singer needs to sing single tracks and this is also the reason she is giving one, in fact she hope that people could appreciate her work and the work of other singers too. Moreover, She will soon be announcing the date of her song.

In addition, as we’ve told you earlier that her song ‘Laung Laachi’ had beat the Bollywood song ‘Swag se Swagat’ and became the most viewed song on youtube. DAAH Films congratulate her for her success and we really hope that she could do more better in future.