Punjabi music and it’s track is all around the country, everyone out is listening and enjoying it’s music. Some songs are this much loved by the audience that even without music it crosses millions and the demand for it’s video is created. Last month Manindar Buttar song ‘s ‘Laare’ was released on White Hill Music label.

From last few days, the hype is created that the song will soon accompanied by it’s video and Manindar Buttar shared a post which explains that in the song he will be feauturing with his favourite actress Sargun Mehta.

Today the song’s video is released and the video carries the essence of West India because in the song culture of West India is visible as Sargun and Manindar’s dressing, also the dance form seen. Talking about expressions of Sargun as usual being a theatre artist she is commendable in it. Further, like every girl complains that her beloved that he will not marry her Sargun is also complaining same about Manindar but at the end Manindar answered her complains.

Now what we have to see that how much love audience will pour on the video. Is it will be liked similar as the song was?