Harjit Harman and Japji Khaira starrer Kurmaiyan released on September 14. It depicts the love story of two lovers in the early 90’s. An era when mobile phones were not prevalent and the only way love could happen was through gestures and body language, this love happens to reach until the Kurmayi but whether or not they will get married is the central plot of the film.

Making a comeback after four years, Japji Khaira still managed to portray her character very well but she has been given a very less screen time. On the other hand, Harjit Harman who has made his debut as a lead actor still needs to hone his acting skills. Regarding the role of the supporting cast, it seems like everyone has been given importance but this aspect of the film has made certain scenes look like they are dragged.

The times in which this film has been set have been duly depicted. The comedy punches of Harby Sangha and Anita Devgun are quite appreciable but without doubt, there is one character who will definitely make you laugh and leave an impression and that is the role of young child which has been portrayed by Anmol Verma.

The music of Kurmaiyan is good and will remind one of the olden times but that alone does not compensate for a static cinematography, still scenes, dragged screenplay, and a very slow place.

Critic rating: 1/5