There are few songs which usually leaves impact on our minds through their videos. Similarly, one more song is released named ‘Paap’ sung by ‘Kulwinder Billa’. After watching the video we can say that it is a meaningful as well as painful. 

Yes! Few days back Kulwinder Billa has shared the teaser of the song which was looking really attractive and people were wondering that what kind of song it will be, now it is released and we can say this song is depicting us the dark side of love. As we all know that every thing has two side, one is bright and other one is dark and this song focuses on the dark one. You must be wondering how? Let us tell you all, this song depicting us the starting phase of love before marriage and how some people treat their wives after marriage. There are various cases in which wife got beaten up by husbands and even forces to abort their child after got to know that this child will be a girl. This song is showing us the reality of society but the best part about the song is that, the child he wanted to abort turned out to a doctor in future. 

This is all about the song as Kulwinder Billa has sung something different because we have listened to his happy songs earlier. After this song, expectations from Kulwinder is now high and we hope that he would give s something better in future.