The first song ‘Tich Button’ from the upcoming movie Parahuna has been released and it is the story of a young innocent couple just married and falling in love with each other all the more.

Sung by Kulwinder Billa himself, the lyrics of the song are by Ricky Khan and music is composed by The Boss. Starring Kulwinder Billa and Wamiqa Gabbi as a newly wed couple, still basking in the happiness of just getting married.

The song has been so beautifully pictured that will actually make one feel the kind of shyness a newly-wed couple faces from each other. Both the actors are so wonderful in their portrayal that the absence of their presence in the trailer has been completely compensated for in this song which is solely a depiction of their relationship and love.

For everyone who got to thinking that Parahuna will finally end in this couple getting married, but let us tell you that this is just a dream sequence, and that can also be made evident with the lyrics of the song. It will not be so soon that the climax would be revealed for the audience!

The duo of Billa and Gabbi will definitely be charming to watch for. Both the dreamy-blue-eyed actors will so delicately touch your heart and make you smile. The joy of a groom on finally having his dream woman sitting next to her, his childlike dance on realising she actually is a look alike of Priti Sapru and then very innocently shying away at his own actions! Where are such grooms found these days? It is definitely a thing of past and well, Kulwinder Billa justly puts himself in the shoes of that character.

Wamiqa Gabbi and her extremely natural, adorable looks will make any man fall for her! In such simple attire, with such a charming persona, she will definitely take away your heart, the way she has taken her Billa’s heart.

So Billa and Maano Billi will make you feel the innocent charm of a very adorable couple and their newly begun life as a man and wife.

The Parahunas will be arriving on September 28.