His high-pitched strong voice was exceptional, and promptly recognizable. Kuldeep Manak was known for his singing a rare genre also he is popularly known as ‘Kaliyan Da Badshah’. This year number of movies is scheduled for release. The upcoming are from different genres suspense, comedy, drama, action and biopics. Now, another biopic is added to the long list.

This biopic will be based on the life of one of the most reminisced singer of Punjab. Based on the life of Kuldeep Manak, this biopic will showcase a lot about the singer and his personal life. Kuldeep Manak biopic is announced for release on 15th November 2019 the legend’s 68th birth anniversary.

But now H Virk from Virk films and Josan Sandeep from Josan Bros Entertainment have joined hands to make a film on this much-talked about legend Kuldeep Manak. The movie is written by H Virk and will be directed by Josan Sandeep. It would be quite interesting to watch the life history of this legend on screen. The legend’s life has been filled with so many vivid ups and downs that a film on his life will sure motivate the infancy in many ways.

Pollywood has raised the question of Kuldeep Manak’s biopic but nothing concrete took place this time Bollywood has step ahead with the idea.