There are some celebrities who are known for their bold personality as they don’t care about anyone in their life except some people. Similarly, there is one more celebrity ‘Jasmine Sandlas’ who is also famous for the same because she always get limelight due to her stories but now she has confessed something about their obsessions.

Yes! You heard right. Jasmine Sandlas has told everyone about her obsessions in her social media stories. This artist do have some weird and exciting obsessions in her life. As we all know that music plays a very important role in every singer’s life so is with Jasmine. She told in her story that she changes music according to her surrounding and she has given example too as she has mentioned that if someone talks something serious with her then she changes music according to the need, she plays some happy music in morning while raag in evening. On the other hand, she used to collect books while she’s not habitual of reading them but she’s obsessed with books. Now, what kind of obsessions they are, this is out of our understanding. 

Furthermore, her last obsession is chapsticks. Yes! She likes to collect lip balms as she uses them a lot. We can say that they are some weird obsessions of Jasmine Sandlas. We are sure that her audience would be happy to know these obsessions and we hope that she could come up with her new song soon.