Punjabi Guy’s have this attitude to showcase themselves whenever there is need to influence and convince a girl and this nature of them is much acknowledged, with this concept new song of ‘Khatre Da Ghuggu’ named ‘Feam Diyan Dalian’ is released under the label of The Punjabi Tune which is written by Bunty Bains and voice is given by Jordan Sandhu.

Further talking about the song it adds more to the story of movie because this song is all about the love angle between the Jordan and Diljott because the basic storyline of the movie is about alert and warnings that are alarmed before some mishappening. Another angle of the movie can also be assumed that move is not only about comedy what is visible through trailer, it also serves some romantic twist.

Now what we have to see how love story will be pursued with comedy around the supersition as a basic storyline is explained through the trailer.