Khatre Da Ghuggu is in limelight from few weeks as they are serving with one after the other feed to entertain audience. Firstly their trailer take the audience to a laughter ride and then their song ‘Feem Diyan Dalian’ explains the love of Jordan Sandhu for Diljott. Follow this their another song ‘Aah Munde’ is released which is a dance number.

As we know the movie is depicting the audience about the supersitions and the alarms that nature gives before any mishappening. Further talking about the song, usually the city beautiful Chandigarh is in fame of punjabi songs for it’s beauty but here in this song the attraction and limelight is on the boys and they are saying that everyone is asking about them from Chandigarh. The lyrics of the song is penned by Bunty Bains and voice to his lyrics are given by Jordan Sandhu himself.

Looking closely to the visual representation of the song, we can say that Jordan Sandhu is centric and how can we forget the attitude that he carries?  After listening to the full song, excitement level is increasing day by day. Furthermore, this movie is all set to release on 17th January’ 2020 in theatres.