There are various punjabi singers who always get into limelight for various reasons whether for their songs, rumours or anything and their is one such singer named Karan Aujla who nowadays is in focus not for his song but for a rumour. Yes! There is one rumours which is prevailing currently is that one gangster tried to shoot Karan Aujla in Surrey, Canada.

You heard right! Yesterday people were posting stories and updates regarding Karan Aujla that a gangster tried to shoot him because he was asking ransom from the owner of Rehaan Records with whom Karan always roams around but he didn’t agree to that and that’s why that gangster tried to shoot him but now this rumour got cleared because Karan Aujla posted a story on his social media and he mentioned that ‘This is all fake and he feels sorry for media channels who are faking this news and he is okay with the blessings of his fans. In fact, he mentioned that he don’t have any grudge with any one so there is nothing to worry’.

Furthermore, fans of Karan Aujla were panicking after this news but he made all the rumours clear and asked their fans not to take tension. Moreover, he even stated about his upcoming song that his song will be released soon. We don’t know what the matter really is but what we know is that he trashed all the rumours about that incident and he is safe.