‘Kande’ did not work well with the audience!


Punjabi movie ‘Kande’ released this Friday which is a romantic action comedy did not make much sound in the post-production, as well as, the movie did not make any sound on the theaters too. Read more for details…

Kande (Movie Review)

Genre: Action Romance

Director: Kande is directed by Kavi Raz.

Cast: Yograj Singh, Sunita Dhir, Preet Baath and Kamal Virk are seen as lead characters.

Producer: The movie is produced by VRV Production

Plot: Jind Kaur who is the most reputable women in the society, who is the mother of Meher (Preet Bath). Meher is village’s Kabaddi champion. A relationship and bond between a mother and son has shown.

On the other hand, Chandu Pehlwan not seems to be a good or gentle person. After his son, Baaz, looses the village Kabaddi Championship to Meher, Baaz takes the loss personally and vows to take his revenge. Later, the movie turns up to be generational controversy.

The movie tries to give too many social messages from its character, specially drug addiction in Punjab, but, fails due to old diplomatic storyline.


Negative cuts: The movie is poor with screenplay, script and moreover editing. Due to poor editing, movie creates less chaos and more confusion among the audience.


Acting: Yograj Singh, Sunita Dhir, Preet Baath and Kamal Virk, who all are seen as lead characters justifies their respective roles. Preet Baath’s efforts is seen on screen whereas newcomer Kamal Virk did not pass to impress the audience through her acting skills.

Critical rating: 1.5/5