Punjabi industry is filled with wedding concepts and one more wedding film knocked on 1st February 2019. Film ‘Kaake Da Viyah’ cleared the theme of story with its title. The movie is directed by Rai Yuvraj Bains.

We saw the film and but was usual wedding. As the name suggested the story is of Kaka’s wedding. Jordan Sandhu is playing lead role of kaaka, whose marriage is in focus. Other female lead is Prabh Grewal. Nirmal Rishi and Priti Sapru electrified all with their superb acting. These both actors actually beautified the movie. We would also like to share with you that still Jordan and Prabh has to work on their acting skills. The other key players justified their roles but couldn’t do wonders in comedy. Watching after 17 years Priti Sapru on screen was a delight. Her beauty and charm is still the same. The script of the film is bit ordinary may be this is the reason that even the actors couldn’t portray much in acting. Although movie offers situational comedy but its bit feebly presented. Overall movie couldn’t entertain to the fullest. On the other hand cinematography was good but the screenplay, direction and editing was bit loose.

The music of the movie is good and entertaining. Overall the movie due to its weaknesses fails to impress. Yes still if you want to go get ready to put shagun to Kaaka.  DAAH FILMS will give this movie one star.