Do You Remember? Jordan Sandhu has promised to make us remind something new with his upcoming track. The trailer of his song ‘Do You Remember’ is already out and has raised up the levels of curiosity among the audience. Recently released trailer is reminding us of many things like Aggression, Pain, Dedication, Betrayal and Grief. Uff!! Too many emotions packed in just 1 minutes 28 seconds. It seems like the level of the song is matched to the level of cinema. Good cinematography and shots are witnessed in it and Jordan Sandhu is seen in different kind of avatar.

Looks of Jordan are really promising as his expressions are talking more than words. His appearance is attractive as the scars shown on his arms are describing many things. Capabilities of Jordan’s acting are more highlighting in this and also we can say that his acting in the movies is above average but in this song, it seems like totally different. Lyrics like ‘Dhokha Krke Gyi Hai Sade Nal, Dhokha Khayengi’ are written by Bunty Bains along with the dialogues, Music is by Desi Crew and the whole project is conceived by Bunty Bains.

Video direction is by Stalinveer and Davvy Singh is also seen in the video with the whole team. Also they are introducing Nikki Kaur through this one. Do You Remember is very close to Bunty Bains heart as his post captions are proving it. He is describing his own feelings and experiences with this. Lets see what this song will give the audience now. It is releasing on 20th April, 2019.