Congratulations! Finallyy a good movie in 2020 is witenessed with release of ‘Jinde Meriye’ today. Also, a good news for Parmish Verma’s fans as his acting is improved and his hard work is visible in his growth.

Parmish Verma and Sonam Bajwa are seen in lead along with Desi Crew’s Goldy as Parmish’s friend in the movie. With them Yuvraj Hans, Hobby Dhaliwal, Malkeet Rouni, Anita Devgan, Hardeep Gill, Navneet Kaur Dhillon, Ravinder Mand and Honey Mattu are seen playing important and connected characters with the movie and it’s story.

Talking about the storyline of the movie, it is the story of Yadwinder urf Yaadi who is a lover of Rehnat and nothing else. I mean he don’t do any work but call himself champion. Due to his not earning condition he is not able to get his love Rehnat which breaks him down and then champion moves to earn money by any means so that he can get his love Rehnat. Despite of all this he is failed to get her. Moreover the title of the movie is completely justified as Rehnat is Yaadi’s Jind and story rotates around her.

Discussing about the acting skills, we can say that Parmish is improved as an actor and Pankaj Batra has done good work on Parmish and his hard work is clearly visible. In a scene after interval where he explained that his life is waste without his love Rehnat , that scene is heart touching and very natural. Further, Sonam Bajwa always try to do something different that is clearly seen after Babbu Bains to Rehnat.

Furthermore, Malkeet Rouni has performed the character of Parmish Verma and some scenes of him are really heart touching. Even Anita Devgan who sometimes do over in her characters has played the mother’s role beautifully and naturally. Yuvraj Hans has underplayed may be because of his part of script or may be his health was weak. Even Navneet Kaur Dhillon is seen in the movie and her character gives a direction to the story.

The strongest point of the movie is it’s story where no flaw is seen and artists also worked exceptionally well to drawn that story into frame. The movie also has a message that it’s easy to do love but make yourself capable for that love is tough. Also, the road sided romeo that don’t do any good work ruins the life of girls by engaging them in their love.

Moving to negative points then director must differentiate the essence of artist from personal life and professional as Paindi hai Dhakk Champion is Parmish Verma’s dialogue. Further this film is of Pankaj Batra so we are expecting something different then usual separation in love story. Also, a emotional scene between Parmish Verma, Anita Devgan, Malkeet Rauni and his sister, everyone can easily connect to that scene then all of sudden Anita Devgan’s over make-up look has realised that it is a movie. This explains that a small element ruins a scene so director must consider all elements equally.

Moreover, the movie is predictable to an extent, only for a while after interval suspense is created. Technically film is good and music made the action scenes to survive otherwise they are not much impressive. Even VFX also looks artifical. Directions and Camera work is good.

DAAH Films gives 3.5 stars to Jinde Meriye.