Punjabi cinema has grown so much that we can easily see clash of various movies with each other and on this friday also two movies got released named ‘Jind Jaan’ and ‘Munda Faridkotia’, we are here with the movie review of the former film ‘Jind Jaan’.

This film revolves around a rich and spoiled girl Sara Sharmaa who lives in Thailand and she thinks that money can buy everything and somehow she meet Rajvir Jawanda and tries to show him the power of her money. This film has entertainers like Harby Sangha, Jaswinder Bhalla and Upasana Singh but they couldn’t do well in entertaining the audience because of the misdirection of director. The story of the film has excessive twist and turns because one could not understand the real story of the film. 

Talking about acting, Rajvir Jawanda could be a star in future but he need to work on his acting skills and on the other hand, Sara has done various films in South but her performance in punjabi film is not upto mark and in fact, the dubbed voice of Sara was not really matching her as she didn’t dub her part in her voice. Furthermore, if we talk about the whole movie then we can say that cinematography of the film was not at all appealing and direction could have been better for example, in the action scenes people were flying without even the touch of Rajvir and at some point he behaved like Shaktiman which was not at all necessary. Coming to the positive point, we can say that songs of this films are good but the best song is first song of this film. DAAH Films is giving 1 star to Jind Jaan.