Jaswinder lost his mother on 18th December, sad saga for him. We mean to say from Jaswinder our very own star Jazzy B. Many a times he is seen with heavy heart on his social media account.

Jazzy instead of only sitting and mourning he decided to take some concrete step. He opened a foundation to pay a tribute to his mom named ‘Shotee Maa Foundation’. He posted his thoughts on instagram

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Special Announcement in Honor of my mom! Watch the Video above and read everything below. As I open the front door to my house in Surrey after being away on tour. The first thing I do is look up at the railing & only to see that you're no longer there. Filled with emotions, tears in your eyes and with a heavy heart waiting to hear you say "Jaswinder, ahgiya?" If your Jaswinder could only hear your voice again, see u smile, never let you go and tell you how much your loved and missed everyday…Mom, that pure love never left me and never will; and through this, we honor you! _________________________________ My nephews and I are proud to announce that we are going to be launching the 'Shotee Maa Foundation' (it's what my nephews called her). December 18th is the day I lost my mom and my nephews lost their shotee maa and what better way to honor her on this very day by doing this for her! Why did we create this foundation? The reason is simple, and that is to help bring the people of our community together like my mom did. We will be doing it in the form of causes, activities and various types of events. For this reason alone in honor of my, this year we have decided to raise funds for those in need during this Season of Giving. We will be raising funds for youth homeless shelters and low income families. These funds will allow us to purchase gloves, socks, shampoo, lotions, toiletries etc for these youth homeless shelters. _________________________________ We all come into this world as equals & there are many complex reasons why these young kids have left their homes & deprived from the bare necessities of life. We never asked for this sadness when we came into this world. This Season of Giving, WE together can make their dreams come true by making their wish lists come true. I ask you to join me in helping to make a difference & to change lives by donating to this cause that means the world to me. You can do so by going onto my page, clicking on the link in my profile and donating! Any amount you donate would be amazing because every dollar counts. Furthermore, you spreading this to 3 friends would make this even more special. Spread the love. Thank You!

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He made an announcement on his insta account and asked people to donate as much as they can. These posts were seen on his social page from last three four days, where he was seen quoting audience to be apart of this noble cause. Jazzy also quoted that this miss happening left him with heavy heart and he miss his mom dad. Yeah but this step will surely be great, when they will help the deprived.

Recently, what we sighted that Jazzy B paid a warm gesture. He posted the credits to all those who stepped forward. This Christmas he paid regards to all contributors by sharing with them his 90s college videos, which also proves thatsucceeded in his noble cause . These videos are also viewed on his social page.