Not everyone will have an idea of what all efforts go in the making of a movie. What we see in theatres and on televisions is the final product of the hard work of days and months that happens prior to the film reaches us. From the actors to the directors to everyone else on the sets and in the team of a particular film, everyone has their own story to tell.

It goes without doubt to say that Punjabi cinema these days is growing rapidly and there are a lot of things that Pollywood is learning from Bollywood. For instance, the level of film-making has been taken to heights, with the amount of money being invested and the amount of profits being incurred. The actors have even started to take their roles more seriously than before to bring the realistic element to their acting.

Just sometime ago, the film Mr. and Mrs. 420 Returns was released and proved to be a commercial hit. And the audience has always appreciated the acting skills of veteran actor Jaswinder Bhalla. But what we do not know is that Jaswinder Bhalla was saved by a whisker while doing a particular scene in this film. Well, we all remember the canal scene towards the end of the movie. What happened during the shooting of that scene was that Jaswinder Bhalla decide to take a risk and perform the stunt himself, just like Akshay Kumar, and well, he was hit straight in the forehead by an iron railing of the canal bridge! His turban came to his rescue and not much harm came to his body though.

We just want Jaswinder Bhalla to know that we wish to see a lot more of him in Punjabi movies in future and it will be just fine if he does not risk his life to such an extent as to lose his life.