Suit Punjabi‘ by Jass Manak was released just yesterday and it is already trending second on YouTube. It is a song describing a guy falling for a girl and her Jatti style, until she also falls for him! Given the lyrics and music of the song, it is no surprise that it has become so popular in just one day.

‘Suit Punjabi’ talks about a woman portrayed by Swalina who has all the Gore of Canada turning their heads around to see her while she flaunts herself proudly in her black and pink Punjabi suits in Downtown Toronto. Following a few incidents of knowing that our Punjabi guy is looking after her, she immediately falls for him and well, she gets his name tattooed on her arm. And the slight error in the video of the song happens when in just the next shot, there’s no tattoo on her arm! As if she fell out of love with him, or the director forgot to take that into consideration?

Jass Manak is seen singing the song on the top of a skyscraper which should probably be in Canada but well, yet again, that is another flaw in the video because the song has been shot in Qatar and not in Canada. The fascination of Punjabis with Canada can never be ceased, but probably we have seen so much of Canada in our songs and movies that the director must have thought that they must show Saudi this time and call it Canada!

Without doubt, the song is amazing, the lyrics are are contagious, and it also does remind us of Jass Manak’s ‘Prada’. To not forget is Swalina’s beauty and charm which is also one of the USP’s of this song. It is being loved by all and is already a hit but we believe the teeny tiny things should be given importance as well.