Jasmine Sandlas..!! Whenever this name is heard something excites. Although we don’t know for what but this is for sure that audience love her and is always keen to know more about her. Now here is one more update and we are here to tell you about that. Jasmine is very active on social media and this time again she has choosen the same platform to meet her fans and tell them something new. On her stories, she is always seen in different avatars and now she is all dressed up like ‘Surinder Kaur’ who is the punjabi evergreen singer of older times.

Our Gulabi Queen is a big fan of ‘Surinder Kaur’ and this is may be more because of her mother as in her recent stories she is telling the whole matter that how her mother was hooked to ‘Surinder Kaur’ when she was 10 years old and also she loves ‘Shiv Kumar Batalvi’s meaningful writing from her college times. Jasmine is very stubborn and she behaves the same with her mother also. For her all of these notorious things her mother have given her a title ‘Leech’. Witness it all in the video below.

On one side, Sandlas mother is a fan of ‘Shiv Kumar Batalvi’ and on other hand, Jasmine is also following her saying as she have sung in her song that ‘Tere Je Likhari Sandhu 36 Firrde, Munda Labhna Mai Shiv Di Kitaab Warga‘ Now she seems to be really impressed with her mother’s thought and lets see what new she will present for her fans in coming times. Always looking forward to something fresh from her side.