Finally! after the release of three songs the trailer of Sufna is out. It was a long wait that Jagdeep Sidhu made audience to do but what he can do as the songs of Jaani and B Praak is not his choice only but of the whole nation. But now let’s cheers for the release of the trailer of Sufna.

After touching the hearts of crore’s of audience with Qismat Jagdeep Sidhu is back with another love story on the day of lovers . Yes! On this Valentine. 14 th february 2020.

Ammy Virk, a lover who loves Tania to this extent that he did the research on animals to achieve her love. Even he calculated the digits that how to earn his love Tania. Besides this, he also went to black magician to find another way to get her. But if one can get success in love with black magic and all this calculation then what’s the difficulty will left in love and the desire to attain love.

Perhaps all this if the love is true then the beats of two hearts will string together and whole universe will come forward to unite them. Despite of all this love is not an easy go and this story is knitted by Jagdeep Sidhu then how it will be easy. So be ready to wipe the tears on this valentine. Also, to feel the essence of love and it’s importance in your lives.

Further, the storyline we can predict from the trailer is that the story revolves around Tania and it all started in her childhood. The character of Tania’s childhood is played by child artist Rabab Kaur( Jagdeep’s daughter). In her childhood, the army officer Surjeet who belongs to sikh family may took a muslim girl Tania along with him during partition and later he may die due to some reasons which deteriorate the condition of Tania. Further, Ammy Virk wants to take all of her griefs and want to take her out from all this.

But this is not easy in reality and Jagdeep has tried his best to keep this story to reality that’s why it’s not easy for Ammy to get her because Tania get married to Jagjeet Sandhu. This breaks the sufna of them and part their ways. Further, the theme of the story is back dropped by cotton field that is the reality of Punajb’s backdrop.

Now this is what we can analyse from the trailer but Jagdeep has aassured in trailer launch that it’s just a trailer and picture is there to come. And there are so many twist and turns to see in movie.

All this generates the curiosity to watch this movie because next level of romance, tragedy, true love will be witnessed as this story is of Jagdeep Sidhu which might be of common people but not this common. Moreover, we can just hope that the tears that comes out on this valentine will be of happiness and this story will become another one of the best love story after Qismat.