Crafting a good sequel can be difficult because there is always a pressure on filmmakers to maintain their league and yet some of the greatest films in punjabi industry have been sequels like Rabb Da Radio 2, Ardaas Karaan, Nikka Zaildar and Sikander 2.  Similarly Qismat will be followed by it’s sequel Qismat 2 which will hit the screen on 18th September 2020. 

Talking about the Qismat 2, for a long while there is a buzz in the punjabi industry that the sequel  might have a different title ‘Lekh’. But now its confirmed  that it will be ‘Qismat 2’. Apart from this, Sargun has done an another big announcement that ‘Jaani’ will be also there in the movie playing an important character in the movie as she and Jagdeep said that They are introdducing Jaani. Now what they are coming with and what they are doing is clear when they will make some official announcement but yes this story gives an hint that Jaani who make everyone cry through his lyrics is now make introducing himself in cinema too.

Further also the questions that arises. Will it serve a completely different story or will Qismat 2 will be a continuity of Qismat? As Qismat ended with Sargun’s end which assures that it will be a completely different story. Expectations from Qismat 2 is high as Qismat hit the million hearts because many people related it with their lives and love stories.