There are various singers in Pollywood who are giving hit songs since the beginning and currently who is topping the list is Karan Aujla as he has given various hit songs like facts, alcohol 2, lifaafe, na na na and list is never ending and nowadays he is in lime light because of his songs but also for a tweet which he tweeted on his social media account. 

Yes! Karan Aujla tweeted a really deep and meaningful tweet which everyone wants to see, he tweeted “Everyone wants artists to sing cleaner songs, that don’t promote violence , but if we drop something like that ,  no one listens. the audience should be willing to hear that stuff for us to sing it. We all got families we need to feed, so we sing what the audience wants. Simple.” Isn’t he right? Because blaming someone is really easy but when singers do sing the meaningful songs, people don’t listen to them. Yes! He is right at his part because youth nowadays prefer songs like Alcohol, Gunday hai hum etc but when these singers sing right song, people do not even praise them. 

Furthermore, few days back Garry Sandhu has posted a story on his social media in which he mentioned about Karan Aujla & Sidhu Moose Wala and said that both are good singers. He even stated that if we could stop promoting Alcohol and weapons in our songs then it would really be appreciable because youth follows them. Now, what we need to guess is that this tweet of Karan Aujla is for Garry Sandhu or he generally tweeted that thing? We couldn’t predict that but what we know is that these both celebs are right at their own parts.